AWS SES and WorkMail for the same domain in different regions

Let’s say you are already using SES to send out mail for your domain You verified the domain ownership by creating DNS TXT record with required value. After some arguing with AWS support you got it out of sandbox. (Sometimes they refuse to do it for a long time, sometimes they do it on a first request. I supppose, they just roll a dice).

Now you want a WorkMail account to get mail for the same domain, and you create it in different region than the SES record. The thing is, WorkMail automatically creates a SES record in the same region. It requires this record to work, deleting it will break the WorkMail. This new SES record also belongs to, but it is in sanbox, and it breaks your first SES record, because it sets to another value.

To get this all working together, you may create DNS TXT record with multiple values. In Route53 interface you can do it by enclosing both requred values in double quotes with a new line between them.

Or you can just use SES and WorkMail for a single domain always in the same region(which would probably save me some headache).

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